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Can YouTube Help Your Accounting & Tax Practice

Modern advertising is rapidly changing to include and integrate social media and popular websites. Given its popularity, YouTube has become home to thousands of niches from comedy to education, and even the coveted ‘how-to’ videos. If you are running an accounting and tax practice company, YouTube can be an invaluable advertising and communications asset. Here is how YouTube can help your accounting and tax practice:

A Whole New Niche: YouTube as a business niche is fairly new, but it is growing quickly. For instance, entrepreneurs like Andrew Argue have been using YouTube for his startup and the number of Andrew Argue Youtube reviews have continued to grow steadily since his first post. Your firm can be among some of the first in the nation to capitalize on the YouTube market.

How It Works: The goal of most YouTube videos is to be either informative or entertaining to their target audience. Before you can create effective content, you should decide who you want to target. For instance, you can target people who are filing taxes. Making a quick video that includes helpful tips for dealing with taxes, with a bit of information about your company, can help attract new clients. In addition to YouTube, you can also post that video on your own website.

Getting Inspiration: There are many ways to approach YouTube within the tax and accounting scope. To find what type of videos fit your company, do a bit of research about what is already present. Remember to review the video as well as the reviews to see what kind of feedback can be available. You can even ask for customers to do video reviews of how your company has been helpful. For instance, there are plenty of YouTube Reviews of Andrew Argue and the various videos that feature his entrepreneurial methods.

Whether you already know how you want your company to be represented or need to do some research and look at YouTube reviews of Andrew Argue for inspiration, finding your place on YouTube is worth the effort.


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