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What Can You Do If You Need Money Now?

Are you currently in a bind financially? Do you need to gather up some money in the next 24 hours? What are your options? First of all, you aren’t the only one that have found yourself in this situation. There are many others that have had financial stress through no fault of their own. It can happen to the best of us. The key is to transition our focus to the present situation and to our future plan.

Get Acquainted with Craigslist

Almost everyone knows what Craigslist is, but many of us are constantly buying items from it because we think that we found ourselves a good deal. Instead of making a purchase, this time I want you to sell your stuff on Craigslist. Far fewer of you know how to do this, but it is completely simple and it can earn you that money you need in a hurry.

  1. Create a Login – In order to sell your good on Craigslist, you’re going to want to create an account. Just type in your email address and create a password and you’ll be on your way
  2. Make a List of What to Sell – Before you just start listing random stuff around the house, first decide what you can do without, and what will actually raise the money that you need in order to pay your bills today. Start with the big stuff. Do you have a snow blower that you could do without? How about that quad in the garage? Maybe some chairs that you never sit in? Once you decide what you’re going to sell, just post them one by one – just follow the step by step instructions provided on the page.

Detail Some Cars

If you can’t raise all the money by selling extra stuff around your house, perhaps it’s time to get to work! You might have to humble yourself a little, but ask your friends and neighbors if you can detail their car for them. This will include a vacuuming, dusting, and a car wash for a fairly low price. If you get 3 or 4 people to say yes, you can quickly make a hundred bucks and pay your bills yet today.

Mow Some Yards

If there’s one thing that people get sick of doing throughout the summer it’s mowing their yard. If it’s a hot summer day, you’ll have no trouble getting $20 from your neighbor to do a quality job on their small city plot of land. Just wheel your mower around the neighborhood and explain that you’re trying to earn some money and many people would be glad to help you out, especially if it means they don’t have to sweat outside that day!

Get a Short Term Loan

If you absolutely need money today and you can’t get your hands on it through selling some stuff or finding some work, then getting some money from cashwindow is your next best option. They’ll loan you the money you need just as long as you pay it back with interest. This isn’t always the most ideal way to pay off your bills today, but if your situation is desperate then it just has to be done.


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