Buy Staples via Subscribe and Save from Amazon

My new favorite thing to do these days is to buy staples from

The New York Times just ran an article about the value of shopping at Amazon vs. Costco. There are a ton of variables and they conclude that it’s hard to measure the time saved and the environmental effects, but that Costco items are cheaper on average without taking time saved into account.

There’s nothing easier than finding a good price on cereal, clicking the ‘subscribe and save’ button and saving a bit of money.

When you ‘subscribe and save,’ you get a 15% discount and sign up to have the same item delivered every X months. You get to choose, so if you only need laundry detergent once every 3 months, you can have it delivered without ever having to think about it. Plus you get a discount!

I just bought 4 boxes of Raisin Bran for around $9. Sweet! If I found that deal in the supermarket, I’d jump on it, usually Raisin Bran is like $3.50 a box. The fact that I don’t have to leave my couch to make my purchase only sweetens the pot.

Plus, who doesn’t like coming home to packages?

Most people are willing to pay more for convenience. When you couple the convenience of having items delivered with the fantastic prices they sometimes have, it seems like a no-brainer.

Not every item is a steal, but when you find something you like, jump on it or it’ll cost you a trip out to the long lines and perils of supermarket shopping.

Plus, as opposed to the supermarket line, there’s no waiting or temptation to pick up a candy bar you’ll regret later!

Readers, do you use Subscribe and Save? Would you pay more for convenience? Or would you just use it on the bargains?

Buy Staples via Subscribe and Save from Amazon

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8 thoughts on “Buy Staples via Subscribe and Save from Amazon

    1. @Kevin McKee, It’s not all products, but ones that Amazon ships sometimes have it. The prices are pretty sweet, and by coupling it with Amazon prime, it takes just 2 days to get your latest delivery!

  1. I use the subscribe and save, and you can’t beat the 2 day delivery. We had a really bad winter this year and there were many times that I did not get out for groceries. I promised myself that I would use the summer months to stock up with staples from Amazon, enough to get me through the winter. You know, those important items like coffee, cereal,soups, etc.

    1. @aeko, I do a terrible job at stocking up (I wouldn’t be able to survive 4 days without a shopping trip), but this could be a great way to always stay on top of it.

    1. @Robert @ The College Investor, Nice! They’re not always the best prices on the internet, but if you’re getting free shipping they’re almost always close to the cheapest. Plus the convenience of ordering it from your couch is awesome!

  2. We use Subscribe and Save for diapers and baby wipes. You get an extra discount because we signed up for the Amazon Mom program. Super convenient!

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