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Budgeting is Fun – And You Can Still Do the Things You Love

Budgeting may sound like a dull and mundane task, but it can actually be really rewarding. Getting a firm hold of your finances can help you to become more organized in other aspects of your life, and can actually lead to increased happiness. This has actually been confirmed in an article in the Wall Street Journal. Nowadays, it’s easier to budget than ever. There are apps that do most of the hard work for you. It’s important to remember that budgeting doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the things you love. There are still ways to enjoy games and entertainment at low cost or for free.

Budgeting Apps

In the past, you may have tried writing everything down on a piece of paper and realized that this is a highly ineffective way of budgeting. Luckily, in the smartphone era, there are much more structured ways of plotting everything correctly. Apps like You Need a Budget help users to divide all their earnings up into groups such as travel and entertainment. From the easy to use interface, it is then clearly visible how much money is left to spend on certain things.

Promotions Let You Play for Low Cost

There are numerous ways to have fun while still saving money. In fact, some sites even give players the chance to win something with their promotions. One Lucky Pants Bingo promotion is a first deposit bonus of 200 percent in bingo bonuses, which means players have free money to stake in games upon joining. Using deals like this instead of spending your own money is a great way to have fun while on a budget.

Alternatively, the mobile gaming market has a vast number of free games for players to enjoy. A lot of the MMOs like Terminator Genisys: Future War follow a freemium model. This means that players can enjoy all the game’s features, but have the option to pay money to speed things up a bit.

Reading and Listening

Another way to get cheap entertainment is through the Amazon Kindle and Audible apps. As a way of attracting customers, there are loads of promotions and special deals involved with these. Upon joining Audible, users get the first month free and also receive a credit to use on an audiobook of their choice. In addition to this, there are various free books and series on offer in the library.

Kindle has a similar scheme, for which users pay a monthly subscription. Kindle Unlimited features a vast range of books that members are able to download and read for free. For people who get through a lot of books, this option is bound to save a lot of money. If books aren’t your thing, there’s likely a similar scheme to fit your hobby out there – it’s worth a search.

Budgeting properly allows you to put a portion of your earnings into savings. Having this safety net to use in an emergency or spend on a holiday can provide peace of mind and lead to a happier life.


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