Being broke makes you stronger: Best time to make money

As silly as it sounds but being broke sometimes open us to a world of realization. People who are blessed to have all, makes them NOT think of risks when spending, unlike those who have nothing at all, thinks a lot first before spending what they only have.

At times, some of us don’t even have any opportunity to think before spending, because there’s nothing to spend at all.

If you’re caged in this kind of situation, all you have to do is focus and move forward. Try to realize some things for you to be stronger.

Use that downfall as a tool for you to rise again.

I. Start a small business – Having less makes you wisely think of how you’ll spend

Don’t Pity Yourself. Instead, think of the reason behind all your mishaps. Why are you facing this situation, what have you done wrong? Why don’t you have enough money on your pocket?

It would be easier if you list everything like a checklist. After jotting down that list, think of the things you can do to solve it one by one. Don’t fix everything at once, it would be better if you do it one step at a time.

Think of a small business which you’re confident you can perfectly run. When you’re finally finished deciding on what you’re going to do, next thing is to…

II. Research – It’s better to be sure than sorry

Perfect imagination doesn’t mean perfect reality. Spend time to research and carefully plot everything first before executing.

You’re not the only person who first thought of your idea. Surely there are tons of people who have the same idea as you do. Investigate how they started things out; maybe it will help you as much as it helped them.

a. Talk to some experts in the industry you want to work out. They could help you clear your mind on whatever you want to enter.

b. If you’re really out of budget paying some expert consultation, you can also talk to some of your trusted friends whom you think could help you fund for the things you want to work out. Promise them that you’ll give them back what you owe, and keep that promise.

II. List all arrangements – Missed small details could ruin your plan

List the things you want to do and how do you think you can make it work.

a. Think of what you can do with the things you already have.

b. Think about where you can put your working station. Make the best of your time (always make work from home your first option – this could help you save more than going out and spend your allotted budget every now and then.

IV. Make money – Time to earn what you’ve worked out for

Be focused on what you have started and continue doing things smoothly. Being fast is not always good. Sometimes, you have to slowdown to carefully check out the things around you and your business.

You have to be aware at all times. Be hands on person and don’t let small things slip – it might be small issue at first but could be a big problem after a while.

Everything has its purpose. Even the tiniest thing could be something big. Face your faults and fix it wholeheartedly. You might not know that your greatest downfall could be your way to achieve something even greater.

Apple is a clayist, freelance writer, former band vocalist and OPM enthusiast. Also likes art, tattoos, online gaming and photography – learned some of it. She’s also planning to have her own online store.

Being broke makes you stronger: Best time to make money

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