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I usually don’t post on Thursdays, but since I’ve been writing a lot behind the scenes I have some extra posts for you to read.

Please check out my latest posts on Currency, where I am a staff writer.

I’ve written two posts that were released this week. The first is How Much Should You Spend on Having Fun? and discusses how to determine your budget for spending money on yourself.

The second post is Getting Tax Breaks from Paying for College and deals with the tax advantages of paying for college and taking out student loans.

Please take a minute to read these posts and let me know what you think! And if you’d like to click on the little Facebook ‘like’ button within one of the posts, I won’t argue. ;)

Also, over at Consumerism Commentary, they are matching charitable contribution up to $6,000 (which includes the top $1,000 match from Money Crush). So in case you needed some extra motivation, check it out and double your impact!


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