Bingoport launch Bingo Olympics infographic in countdown to London 2012

Bingoport, the leading online bingo portal in the UK and Europe, has launched a specially-commissioned Bingo Olympics infographic as the countdown to London 2012 gathers pace.

With just over 200 days to go before the biggest and most iconic sporting event of all gets under way, interest in next year’s Olympics is constantly increasing. Millions of tickets have been snapped up and hundreds of thousands of sports fans are expected to pack the 32 venues staging the various events next summer in what I’m sure will be a memorable few months.

If recent Olympics history is anything to go by, London 2012 could see existing world and Olympic records smashed on a daily basis. The prospect of seeing records tumble got the bingo people at Bingoport thinking about what records exist within the world of bingo.

And, after extensive research, Bingoport have compiled together a list of eye-catching bingo records in a ‘Bingoport Olympics’ infographic, which can be viewed on the Bingoport blog.

Among the many bingo-related statistics to feature on the infographic is the fact that the quickest big win in the history of bingo came just 40 minutes from signing up. One lucky guy walked away with a cool $63,000, which works out as £1,000 a minute after they signed up. Can you imagine winning over $1,500 a minute?

Ever wondered how many players took part in the biggest game of online bingo? Well, wonder no more! The exact number is 493,820 people, which is enough to fill the London Olympic stadium an impressive six times.

Did you also know that the three biggest bingo wins ever are £1,167,795, £1,101,686 and £1million respectively? These are life-changing amounts of money and show that playing bingo and online bingo can change the fortunes of people of all ages in an instant. What’s more, bingo has never been more accessible as you can play down your local bingo hall or in the comfort of your own home these days.

Back to the bingo facts and figures and it’s worth noting that the highest game was played at 17,500ft, which works outs as about 1,500 times the world pole vault record. And that if you line up all the bingo balls used in the last three months it would actually stretch the length of more than 300 marathons.

Any bingo players out there? Impressed by these number? Reader for the olympics next year?

Bingoport launch Bingo Olympics infographic in countdown to London 2012

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