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Best of the Rest: iOS 7 Edition

As everyone knows by now, iOS 7 was released on Wednesday for everyone. And as a few of you may know, I have had it for the past 3 months because I got a copy of the beta for $5. At the beginning, it was very buggy and the phone would shut off randomly and some apps would not work, but every few weeks, there would be an update to make it work better, and finally, it looks like it’s all working properly. If you’ve got an iPhone, enjoy!

Here are the most interested articles I read this week:

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And here are the carnivals I’ve been included in the past week or two:

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  1. I haven’t switched to the iPhone5S or the iOS7 yet but I am planning on downloading the iOS7 this weekend. Looking forward to the updates and I’ve heard great things so far! I’m wondering, how did you get the beta version 3 months ago?? Do you thik it was worth getting even with all the bugs then?

    Lucky you!

    Have a great weekend!

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