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Best of the Rest: Ch-Ch-Changes Edition

While I’ve been producing some super posts, I’ve also been working hard at a blog redesign. Most of it isn’t too spectacular, but there were some things I absolutely hated about the site that I needed to change. The new header is almost done and I’m pretty confident that it’s going to blow you all away. All in due time. Plus, I’ll have a nice big giveaway (including some $$!) when it’s ready for unveiling, so now you HAVE to be excited!

Here are a few of the highlighted changes:

  • There is now a menu bar so it’s easy to navigate to the pages (including some new ones!)
  • The font is now significantly easier to read. The spacing, too. I hope you enjoy it! Also, I’ve added a few areas to the site.
  • You can now click straight to the comments from the top of any post! In the top right corner it has the number of comments plus a link down to the bottom. Makes it easier for everyone!
  • There are about 50 other small things (changing the bullet points style, getting rid of the useless categories on each post, and the list goes on…) I did that very few people will notice but it gives me some peace of mind knowing that they’re gone forever.

So get pumped for the new header, the giveaway, and let me know what you like and dislike (even though I may not get around to another update for awhile!) about the site!

Financial Samurai had an interest post, saying that only the poor or super rich say “Money can’t buy happiness.” He shares several ways money reduces stress, but I think reducing stress and happiness are different. Stress reduces our quality of life, while happiness improves it. Not being stressed just means you’re not worrying about the little things anymore. The big things are still there.

Studenomics posted about the missing customer service element of online banks. I used Bank of America as my primary bank for awhile, and for all those who think the brick-and-mortar banks are so great, their customer service is awful. Sure, having ATMs about the same distance away as a Starbucks, no matter where I am is a plus, it doesn’t make up for the frustrations they’ve caused. On the flip side, every time I’ve called ING Direct, they are so nice and helpful, I wish I could go into their brick-and-mortar store every day.

Kelly from The Centsible Life had a story about AT&T customer service reps reducing overages, which I have a soft spot for. If you’re ever in doubt, call up. They’ll almost always be happy to help you, even if it means reducing a big chunk of you bill. (P.S. I won’t be switching to AT&T’s new data plans on Monday. I use too much and I’d get killed on their new plans. That said, I think it’s great for most people. Just not new iPhone users.)

Darwin’s Money has an article about whether or not private school is worth it. He breaks down the decision into a few key parts. A nice read if you’re thinking about that type of decision.



  1. Looking forward to seeing the new design, I struggle with design on my own sites….. Always hard to get the right balance.

  2. Nice work man. As I see it, it’s a really good sign you are evolving the site – means it’s become successful!

    Can’t wait to see the banner – figure on a design yet?

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