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Best of the Rest: World Series Edition

I’m a huge Yankees fan, so this has been an extremely exciting October for me, and every day is filled with anticipation and constant evaluation of the team and the series. Now, we’ve gotten to the World Series, and it’s the same but much more intense. Wednesday’s loss was tough, but I’m hoping Thursday night will be a little better and we’ll be able to get back (Is down 1-0 not in?) the series. Anyway, here are the articles I enjoyed most this week.

Mike Piper guest posts at MoneyNing writes about the positives and negatives of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early. There was a nice discussion in the comments about deductible interest and pre- vs. post-tax investments.

Kevin from guest posts at Moolanomy and presents Five Things To Focus On In Your 20s. I started reading his blog and have really enjoyed it so far, so look for some of their articles here in the weeks to come.

Get Rich Slowly writes that Small Amounts Matter. While the title may seem in contrast to my beliefs, J.D. makes a strong point at the end: “Don’t confuse frugality with depriving yourself.”

Neal of WealthPilgrim guest posts at Frugal Dad about Wedding Ring Debt. He provides point suggestions for young people on how to save, invest, and think hard about your decisions.

Go Yankees.


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