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Best of the Rest: Vacation Time Edition!

I’ve got a mini-vacation this weekend! I’m in LA to become a star! for a wedding. I got in last night and I don’t come back until Monday afternoon! Should be a lot of fun, and I’m even getting to see a fellow blogger while I’m out there. That means I get to count this as a business expense, right? Haha I wish.

Enjoy the links while I enjoy the sun!

How to Get Back Tax Dollars You Paid Years Before (via Free Money Finance)

Financial Advice That I wish I Listened to When I Was Younger (via Bible Money Matters)

I Turned $885 into $1,693 in Four Months (via Thousandaire)

CD Investing: Basics and Background (via The Millionaire Nurse)

How to Stop Buying the Latest Gadgets (via Fiscal Fizzle)

Lower New Car Prices by Refusing Useless Options (via Out of Your Rut)



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