Best of the Rest: Thank You Edition

As some of you know, Free Money Finance hosts a March Money Madness each year. 64 blog posts from about 55 blogs (some blogs get two entries for their performance in the Best of Money Carnival) compete in a bracket style contest to see which blog post is the best of the year. Readers vote on each ‘game’ and the winner moves on to the next round.

Last year, I entered but was promptly beaten in the first round. This year, I came back for revenge, hoping to cinderella my way to the later rounds. My first matchup was this Monday (through Wednesday), when my post Why You Should Donate More Money to Charity went up against Free From Broke’s I’m Sick Of Hearing It’s For the Kids.

Well, guess what? I got some huge support from all of you and won! Free From Broke is an awesome site and his post was actually really good, but you helped propel me into the second round.

I can see in the comments which of you voted for me, and I just want to say thank you! It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. I encourage you all to take a look at the other games going on in round 1 and vote for the posts you like best. And if you want to stay in the loop and be on my list of people I email alerting them when my next matchup comes, just sign up for email updates (or contact me letting me know you want in)

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Best of the Rest: Thank You Edition

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5 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: Thank You Edition

  1. It was a close race in the beginning but your peeps came through for you! Best of luck with the rest of the March Madness.

  2. Thanks for the mention of my experience with 1&1 and congratulations on being in the second round of March madness!

  3. Thanks for mentioning my mortgage post. I was in a bracket against someone and was roundly beaten. Better luck next year I guess.

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