Best of the Rest: Friday the 13th Edition

Today, try and make your own luck. Get active and make a positive change in your financial life!

I finally finished making major changes to the blog, so not much will change in the near future. I added a few links over the right and I hope you will sign up for the RSS feed, Email subscription, or follow me on twitter! Or you can continue to visit the site, which I’m hoping will facilitate discussion. On to the links:

Kevin from 20s Money gives Tips To Make Sure You Have A Job When You Graduate to the class of 2010. I couldn’t agree more, and my experience involved me starting my job search early and using the on-campus career center to help me get my first job.

My Money Blog alerts us that California Increases Income Tax Withholding By 10%. This has some consequences for those living there, but Jonathan presents us with a way to “undo” the change.

The Simple Dollar lets us know that Investing Isn’t Just for Rich People: Five Ways Anyone Can Reap the Rewards of Investing. I especially like steps 2, 3, and 4.

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