Best of the Rest: Sprained Ankle Edition

I play basketball once or twice a week nowadays, and on Wednesday night, I played a little 3 on 3 at a court nearby my apartment. But within about 25 seconds, I went up for a rebound and came down on someone’s foot, rolled over my ankle, and immediately crumbled.

I’ve been playing basketball for many many years and I’ve hurt my ankle more times than I can count, but never worse than this. I haven’t been able to put any weight on it since.

I went to the doctor, who took x-rays and it appears to be a bad sprain. They said all I needed was to wear a boot and use crutches, but they all said they didn’t have any boots or crutches in my size! How is that possible? I have no idea, but now I’m stuck on the couch for the foreseeable future.

While I’ve been chilling, I’ve had plenty of time to read some great personal finance articles! Here they are!

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I was also featured in two carnivals this week:

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Best of the Rest: Sprained Ankle Edition

Sweating the Big Stuff

7 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: Sprained Ankle Edition

  1. I feel for ya, Daniel.
    After a weekend of much red meat, shell fish and rich Quebec beer I had a reoccurrence of GOUT this past week. My doc said it is one of the most painful ailments she knows of. Lucky me. Once you’ve had it once it will come back more frequently. This is bout #2. Really hurts …

    And as a fellow bad ankle guy, I understand your pain there.

  2. Sorry to hear that Daniel. If it makes you feel any better, I was trying to get away from some wasps outside my apartment because I’m terrified of flying things that sting, in trying to quickly close the door I smashed my knee in between the door and the door frame. It’s not as physically painful as your ankle, but much more embarrassing.

  3. That sucks dainel, just try to keep weight off of it. I had ankle issues 4 years ago and they gradually went away with a “soft cast” and some rest. Get a lot of articles written in your down time!

  4. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Take the time to let it heal properly. You don’t want to rush it. You’ll have problems for life if you do with arthritis, pain etc.

    Hope you are back on your feet soon.

  5. Sucks to hear man, but look at the bright side: more time for blogging :)

    Thanks for the link!

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