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Best of the Rest: Self-Employment Edition

I’m officially self-employed as of this morning! Yesterday was my last day, and after a weekend in NY, a great friend’s wedding, and packing up all my stuff, I’ll be ready to get to work, both in my online ventures and searching for jobs.

I must say, not having to go to work is very liberating, though I did get up an hour earlier than normal to take a bus to NY, so I’m not getting the 8-10 hours of sleep I envisioned when I heard the words ‘self-employed.’

While I’m on the bus, feel free to tweet at me, I’m sure there’s nothing too exciting going on, but there is another post coming out this morning, so check it out and give me some feedback. If it gets a positive response, I’ll promise more like it!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

How to Be a Bad Craigslist Seller (via WiseBread)

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Can You Have Fun and Still Be Frugal? You Betcha! (via Money Cone)

Look For Ways to Earn More Money (via Smart on Money)

Big List of Birthday Freebies (via WiseBread)

Thoughts for Thursday: Work Ethic (via Everyday Tips and Thoughts)

Friends and Finances (via Sustainable Life Blog)

What Not To Do After Becoming Debt Free (via Money Green Life)



    • @Invest It Wisely, yup, it was about 2 months long, and while it was nice, I was too bored. Plus, two incomes is better than one when there’s enough time!

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