Best of the Rest: Quitting Time Edition

Yesterday I let my employer know that I will be leaving the company in a few weeks. I’m moving to LA! I’m going to be a Hollywood star! I won’t have a job for a little bit, but we’ll get there! In the meantime, I’ll be hanging out with @NealFrankle, @littlehouse2009, and @WInformatics, among others!

Lauren is dragging me back to the land of warm weather and happy people, and it’s hard to say no! It will definitely be a big transition, and I’ll be writing about it much more detail next week.

While I pack, check out these great reads from around the blogosphere!

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Happy Friday!

5 Responses to Best of the Rest: Quitting Time Edition

  1. FMF says:

    Good for you!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Fun times! It’ll be great to follow your journey. If you ever come up to SF, let me know. I’ll let you know about LA as I go down there perhaps once every other month.

    Best, Sam

    • Daniel says:

      @Financial Samurai, awesome, we should have a yakezie get together. And a yakezie conference once a year could be awesome…

  3. Glen Craig says:

    Best of luck on the move! Quitting a job is both scary and thrilling at the same time.

  4. Marie at familymoneyvalues says:

    Good luck in the land of the sun!

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