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Best of the Rest: Quality Over Quantity Edition

Owning a blog is amazing and I definitely had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started, but I love every minute of it. So when someone offered to buy my blog this week, I had no problem saying no.

However, the one thing I don’t like is the pressure of coming up with posts! So I’ve decided to take two actions to try and reduce the pressure I feel. The first is to slow down posting in the near term. Instead of 5 posts a week, I’m going to shoot for 4. It’s not a huge deal, but it should help me get ahead of my posting and increase the quality of each piece. I’d much rather produce 5 great posts than 10 mediocre ones.

Also, I’m going to be getting some help. I’ve decided to bring on a staff writer. I’m not ready to announce who yet, but in the coming weeks you’ll see someone new every once in a while. Stay tuned for more details!

Don’t worry, I’ll still be here and writing the majority of the articles. But having a fresh perspective will be really great for everyone and I hope you agree!

On to the best articles from my fellow bloggers this week:

How Long Do I Have to Act Poor Until I’m Rich? from Planting Dollars

This definitely resonates with me as I’m going to be moving from a windowless room with no air conditioning in a crowded apartment to a nice open, bright room with windows and air conditioning this week. I lived like a college student for a year, was able to increase my net worth dramatically, and it’s time to spend a little more for something I most definitely will appreciate.

Can You Count on Social Security? from PT Money

PT does a great job breaking down the information and showing us that if you are 40 or older, you will get your full benefit. His argument is that we shouldn’t count on it and if it get it, great. To me, it sounds like while the full benefit might not be there, there will be something to count on. And for those who are just starting out their careers? I can’t imagine the government making us pay into social security for too long if they know there will be no benefit later on!

Online Credit Card Statements Can Lead To A Bad Credit Score from Own The Dollar.

Hank breaks down the pros and cons, but I don’t think the paper bill is an important factor in remembering to pay a bill. Different things work for different people. For some, paper bills don’t help because they get filed away for later and then never looked at again. I don’t think that paper billing helps more than online billing. If anything, I can set reminders online for when my bill comes out and then another reminder a few days before it’s due.

Saving For Retirement Til It Hurts! from Bible Money Matters

I love the idea of making retirement a priority and then ramping up savings each year. If you start out at 5% and increase by just 1% each year, you’ll have saved a lot by the time you’re ready. The higher you start out, the better off you’ll be!

Have a great Sunday everyone!



  1. I’m impressed that you’ve kept up a 4-5 posts a week schedule! I’ve been on a 3 post a week schedule for a while know, and sometimes 4 if I do a weekend wrap.

    I tried to change my writing style for the summer, but I couldn’t do it.

    Check out the Google Groups btw. We’re doing some brainstorming, and also made a suggestion on Yakezie Member Posts once the site is launched. The goal is for members to tell their story to the rest of the group and to the community in one post, and write about their special area of interest or specialty in the 2nd for those who want to contribute.



  2. i read the piece on “can we count on social security”. this is a topic near and dear to my heart and i have to say without going on for ever that, we desperately need to privatize social security if we (us 30 somethings) are going to have any of our owe money come retirement.

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