Best of the Rest: October 2, 2009

Every week I’ll post some of my favorite articles I’ve read from the past week. Enjoy!

Investing for Retirement? Use (Don’t Lose) Your Emotions (Part I) – Wealth Pilgrim
Thoughts followed by an interesting discussion about what we would do in a tough situation

Credit Report Cards: vs. Credit Karma – Consumerism Commentary
A review of two free products that help you learn more about your credit.

Creating a Completely Automated Financial HouseholdMy Money Blog
An example of how an imaginary couple put their finances on auto-pilot.

Tradition IRA versus Roth IRA – Which One Should You Choose? – Moolanomy
A look at whether it’s better to go pre-tax or post-tax.

Student Loans By The Numbers – Generation X Finance
Is college worth as much as we think? An interesting look.

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