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Best of the Rest: New To Me Blogger Edition

I know a ton of personal finance bloggers, but there are a ton out there that I haven’t met. Our paths just haven’t crossed or neither of us have reached out. Recently, I’ve gotten in touch with a few strangers and it’s been fantastic. Here are a few along with some great content that I think you’ll enjoy:

I was introduced to Kevin over at Thousandaire this week and he’s got some great content as well as awesome videos, including a hilarious one about Roth IRAs. Check it out, I promise you’ll enjoy it!

Also new to me is Matt at Steadfast Finances. I was introduced to him by my brother, who just starting investing in Lending Club. Matt has a strategy that nets him 15% returns on Lending Club, so if you’re looking for some reliable advice, he’s your man.
Over at Lazy Man and Money, we get a goodbye letter to Sprint. I love after so many years, there’s clear abuse going on. If you’re not getting a fair deal, it’s time to move on. If you aren’t getting the best rate BECAUSE you’re a longtime customer, you should switch to someone who values your relationship!

Finally, Joe at Personal Finance by the Book isn’t a new blogger to me, but we recently reconnected when I saw one of his posts came up LifeHacker, an awesome, but non-personal finance site I read regularly. This week he told us how to live frugally without being an extremist.

For any bloggers or readers out there who want to email me and chat about anything, just drop me a line, I have a contact page for a reason! I’d be ecstatic if you sent in a joke for Funny Finances or just wanted to chat, it would be such great motivation!

If you don’t already know about it, check out the 7 million 7 years giveaway going on now. All you have to do is submit a page of ‘everything you know about personal finance.’ If $100 isn’t enough motivation, I don’t know what is. My submission is here and I break down the most important aspects of personal finance to me. Check it out and tell me what you think!
This week was a great one for carnivals. My article Suze Orman Gave Bad Advice was rated number 2 in the
Best of Money Carnival hosted by The Financial Blogger. One big goal of mine is to one day I’ll make it to #1!
I also participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Consumerism Commentary with Do You Exchange Gifts with Your Significant Other?
Finally, our very own Crystal hosted the Festival of Frugality, which included Quality is What You Think.


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