Best of the Rest: New iPhone Edition

I was finally able to activate my iPhone on Friday. I waited 2 weeks because the AT&T people said that since this is my brother’s upgrade (one of my other family members used mine a while back), activating the phone would deactivate his. Not a huge problem, but when he came back from camp on Thursday, I was all set.

We had extra sim cards for each of us, and we did a 3 way call with AT&T…but the system was down. After negotiating a $36 credit to our account for all the stress and frustration (1 hour of frustration + 12 more hours without my phone was totally worth it), I went to the AT&T store today.

Without even thinking, the guy was able to activate my phone without deactivating my brother’s. So they made me wait 2 weeks for nothing and the process was less than a hassle than they thought it would be. Very cool. Now it’s time to sell my iPhone 3G S for profit. Any takers?

While I haven’t been jailbreaking my iPhone and using FaceTime, here’s what I’ve been reading:

Since I’m in love with the topic and Neal over at Wealth Pilgrim keeps churning out excellent posts, here’s another one about how to get great financial planner jobs. He gives a backdoor into the profession. I like it because it’s much less of a risk than starting of on 100% commission.

Len Penzo writes about another of my favorite topics: how to get credit card interest charges waived. I always knew it worked, and had a vague idea why, but Len does a fantastic job of breaking it down into simple terms and showing why people with high credit scores are worth so much to credit card companies.

Over at Green Panda Tree House, MD writes about what to do upon graduating college. I read a ton of personal finance articles when I started working, but I wish I had this article back then. It’s exactly what graduating students need to do upon joining the work force.

Money Reasons writes about creating an entrepreneur snowball. I like the story of how he started an online business and has used it to fund other online businesses. It sounds like the guy who bought started with a paperclip and ended up with a house by trading stuff on craigslist.

Best of the Rest: New iPhone Edition

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  1. Went into the store and got a couple iPhone 4’s myself. Amazing! This is my first iPhone, and I’m a Mac user. I figured best to get a personal PDA from work to try and keep up with things during the day on occassion w/ both FS and Yakezie now up.

    Enjoy your fon!

    1. @Financial Samurai, It’s called Lucia’s Linky Love. It makes frequent commenters (you decide the threshold) receive do-follow links. Just a little added encouragement! (You’re past the threshold, I think the maximum is 10.)

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