Best of the Rest: Moving Edition

I moved out of my apartment this weekend and into a spanking new place. I’ll have more details on Monday, but so far it’s been great. But wow, is moving a pain. So many trips back and forth, lots of sweating and carrying heavy objects, and no Internet. I’m writing this in a Starbucks because we don’t have Internet yet, but that will come soon. And the best news is that we got our full security deposit back from our previous landlord. A few minor scratches here and there, but nothing major and he was nice about it!

Here are this week’s links:

Neal at Wealth Pilgrim writes about how to make your small business more successful. I love hearing about people owning their own businesses and making a livelihood off them. Neal gives a great lesson that shows that it pays off to be nice!

Financially Poor talks about setting boundaries with your finances. One thing I disagree with is that you should cut back on expenses in every category until it’s impossible to cut back any more. I say do what you can without it affecting your lifestyle.

Financial Samurai tells us to treat your job as if you won the lottery. I got a job out of college when it was very difficult for many of my friends to do so, even though many were as if not more qualified. I’m definitely grateful and count my lucky stars every morning!

Plus, I’m looking forward to the new Yakezie site that’s coming out soon!

Madison at My Dollar Plan writes about a Lending Club loan that defaulted. I feel bad for her because she trusted the people and feels scammed, but as she says, it was a small amount of money and in the end she came out ahead.

Finally, The Dividend Guy Blog is hosting a contest. All you have to do is comment and you could win an iPod Touch. Is there anything easier?

I also participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted at Beating Broke.

Best of the Rest: Moving Edition

Sweating the Big Stuff

One thought on “Best of the Rest: Moving Edition

  1. Looking forward to read about your new swanky pad! Take a picture and post it up perhaps!

    Spent a couple hours working on tonight with the designer. A LOT of things to do, so ihope it works out well. Deadline coming up!

    Looking forward to your “Member Post” as we’re going to make the site a great way for us to get to know each other better in a central location for the first 2 months.



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