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Best of the Rest: Mother’s Day Edition

There’s absolutely no way today’s edition of Best of the Rest could be anything but Mother’s Day. My mother probably didn’t teach me too much about personal finance, but she did just about everything else for me growing up, so she gets a big shout out. Thank You!

And onto the links:

Engineer Your Finances posted Travel Industry’s Biggest Secret: How to Slash Your Bill in HALF. It’s an interesting read that shows one of the best ways to save big. Who knew that just a day could save you up to 33%?? Crazy!

Len Penzo wrote about The Ethics of Found Money. This is a common question, and he gives us some interesting scenarios to think about. I agree with most f his conclusions about when you should return it and when “Finders Keepers Losers Weepers” prevails. Where do you draw the line??

Eliminate the Muda wrote the first part of an interesting story with Knowledge = Money In The Bank. I’m really interested to see where this is going and which of the people in his story got ripped off!

Studenomics asked a ton of personal finance bloggers for Career/Personal Finance Advice For College Graduates and came up with an awesome list. If you’re in your early 20s, this is a must read.

Flexo from Consumerism Commentary wrote a great post: How I Earn Side Income From (Mostly) Blogging. As I start to investigate earning a little money from the blog, it’s interesting to see how someone who’s been doing it forever makes it happen.

Have a great Sunday everyone and don’t forget to call your mother to tell her you love her!



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