Best of the Rest: Memorial Day Edition

I’m sure you’re all super excited for your extra day off, as am I. Enjoy the barbeque!

This week I posted about the choice of choosing debit vs. credit, and one commenter asked about how to get credit cards. Jim from Bargaineering wrote a very relevant post about to analyze credit card reward programs. LBergs, this one’s for you!

Mrs. Micah wrote about whether we should let people know how we’ll we’re doing financially. It’s pretty interesting that people are much more willing to open up if they’re NOT doing well, and there’s a thin line between talking and bragging. What do/would you do if you had a lot of money?

Flexo asks whether you would pay more for the personal touch of local stores. For most things, I’m fine with buying them online, but if there’s something I must check out, I don’t mind testing a product in the store and then buying it online. In his case, did the personal touch make a $500 difference?

Aaron from Clarifinancial talks about life insurance and marriage. Congratulations on 7 years and let this be a reminder to think about why you need life insurance.

I participated in one carnival recently, the Yakezie Carnival over at Free From Broke. Thanks for hosting, you did a wonderful job!

Best of the Rest: Memorial Day Edition

Sweating the Big Stuff

3 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: Memorial Day Edition

  1. I wish every weekend was three days! Thanks for mentioning the Yakezie Carnival.

  2. i love when the blogging community feed off each other – just goes to show we can all be one big happy family.

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