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Best of the Rest: Malware Edition

Every once in awhile some evil people will try and hack into my site. Recently they succeeded. Late last night I tried to visit my site in Google Chrome and received a warning that I was visiting an unsafe site. Um, really? I ran some quick tests and it turns out that they were right. Someone had gotten in and put some malicious code into every one of my files.

This happened once before (way back in December, when nobody was even visiting and when I barely had any security) and as a result the site had to go down for a few days. This time, I was prepared. I cleared out the bad code, I changed my passwords, and I added some extra security for good measure.

The site was down for less than an hour, and you can be assured that there’s no more malware coming from Sweating The Big Stuff. The only thing I am responsible for giving you today is some fantastic articles to read. Enjoy!

The Financial Blogger asks Are You Too Afraid To Start Your Own Business? A lot of people have this dream, but few do it. He has some nice ideas about how make it a little bit easier.

Joe Plemon at Personal Finance by the Book tells us to Beware of Percentage Budgets. I didn’t use one when creating my budget, but I also had no trouble saving money. May it would be useful for others.

Don at Money Reasons shares Frugal Sins of a Personal Finance Blogger. My sins include sweating the small stuff on occasion and not enjoying my money enough!

Laura Rowley at Money & Happiness has very interesting news on the threshold of when your money stops buying you happiness. I expected happy feelings increase with money to a certain point, but was surprised that they plateau at $75,000.

I also took part in the following carnivals this week:

Carnival of Personal Finance: I Love New York Edition hosted by Danielle Liss

Festival of Frugality: Passive Index Investing Edition hosted by My Personal Finance Journey



  1. I had the same problem on Friday night — website host got hacked, and therefore, so did my site and others. What a pain! Glad everything got cleaned up quickly (my site, too).

  2. Thanks for the mention! It’s really all about balance, but I thought I would have a bit of fun with it… :)

    Hmm, my host had issues Friday night and was down for a few hours. Perhaps my outage wasn’t so bad afterall.

  3. Daniel,
    Thanks for the mention. I am glad you are tech savvy enough to deal with malware. I wouldn’t know where to start if it was me. Come to think of it, I actually would …I would start by asking you for help. :)

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