Best of the Rest: King Me! Edition

This week was great because it featured a ‘war’ between Kevin and me, and it was really successful. We took a pretty boring subject (by anyone who doesn’t like personal finance standards) and got more comments than just about any other post I’ve done.

I hate to break it to Kevin, but I think I won this time, but in another month, maybe I’ll give him round three. It’s only a matter of time before he taps out.

Please check out my recent post at Currency! I had a dilemma, and for me, it was a mathematical decision.

15 Surprising Facts About Income Tax (via Wisebread)

5 Reasons Why You Need A Partner In Your Business (via The Financial Blogger)

Life After Salary: One Month Without a Paycheck (via Consumerism Commentary)

Jersey Shore Life: The True Cost of GTL (via Studenomics)

Paying Estimated Taxes Late, Take Two (via Five Cent Nickel)

Are Certificates of Deposit Obsolete? (via Bargaineering)

Employers Look at Credit Reports | Ludicrous or Smart Business? (via Money Help For Christians)

10 Old Wives’ Tales Masquerading As Financial Rules of Thumb (via Len Penzo)

I was featured in the following carnivals:

Carnival of Money Stories (editor’s pick!)

Carnival of Personal Finance

Best of the Rest: King Me! Edition

Sweating the Big Stuff

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