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Best of the Rest: I’m Famous Edition!

I won’t forget about all the little people who helped me get to where I am today.

OK, fine, maybe I’m not famous, but Trent of The Simple Dollar, liked my post on giving to charity enough to link to it in the roundup. Trent is not just another blogger. He has one of the most popular Personal Finance blogs out there, so when he links, that sends a lot of traffic. This has been the most traffic my site has received in a day, and I hope that those who visited will come back for other teriffic posts.

Because I like to share the wealth, here is what I’ve been reading this week. I’m getting into more controversial posts and those that make you think a bit, so here are my picks for this week, in a simple format.

The Past Wasn’t As Good As You Remember It So Get Over It (via My Journey to Millions)

30 Things Broke People Say (That Keep Them Broke) (via Smart on Money)

Get wealthy trick: Don’t spend any money until it is re-earned (via Early Retirement Extreme)

Andrew Luck Stays in School: What Would You Have Done? (via Squirrelers)

Had a rough work day, and what did I learn from it? (via Fabulously Broke)

Guide To Not Stress Out When You Are Broke (via Financially Poor)

Low Savings Interest Rates: Good or Bad? (via Consumerism Commentary)

Personal Finance Keys To Success May Not Always Apply (via Everyday Tips and Thoughts)

What is a Good FICO Credit Score Range? (via Wealth Pilgrim)

My Secrets to Successful New Year’s Resolutions (via Krantcents)

How To Be A Deadbeat (via MoneyCone)

I was also featured in several carnivals this past week.

Carnival of Personal Finance (Editor’s Pick!)

Carnival of Money Stories

Festival of Frugality

Tax Carnival



  1. Congrats on the traffic surge, and thanks for including my site in your roundup!

    Looking forward to reading your controversial posts!

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