Best of the Rest: Happy Hour Edition

This week I attended a happy hour with a bunch of other personal finance bloggers in the area. It was very nice to meet them and talk about stuff for a few hours that just about nobody else will listen to. I wasn’t able to talk to everyone, but next time I’ll make more of an effort to spend some time with the ones I didn’t get a chance to this time. It was nice to meet everyone, I can’t wait until next time!

Here are a few of their recent articles that I really liked. Not necessarily from the past week, but my favorite posts from some of the bloggers.

J Money is the man, and I got the idea for my Personal Finance 101 post from his post Why Do Schools Teach About The Stock Market?

Me In Millions had to leave early, but I really liked her post I DO Care What People Think. I agree with her 100% and I think we need to spend money on the things we care about. Otherwise, what’s the point of saving and saving without spending?

Brian from My Next Buck got a guest post from Shawanda of You Have More Than You Think (both in the DC area) in Friday Financial Foul Ups: How Financial Knowledge Can Hurt.

I spent awhile talking to the mind before Engineer Your Finances, and it was nice getting to know him. I liked his post First, Set Age To Retire. Second, Set Age To Die. I like his last line: Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

I had lots of time to Mrs. Micah of Finance for a Freelance Life and was able to learn a lot from her. Check out her post Preparing a Cash Flow Statement – Textbook Personal Finance.

Paranoid Asteroid talked about The Value of Preventative Maintenance. I don’t mind the dentist all that much, but I know how frustrating it can be to have to pay for something that could have been avoided!

And one other, who I didn’t get to meet yet:

I liked MapGirl‘s post Strategizing the Future resonated with me a lot. I like the idea of saving up instead of paying off debt, and her situation is the perfect situation for that.

Best of the Rest: Happy Hour Edition

Sweating the Big Stuff

7 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: Happy Hour Edition

  1. Dan,

    Great to meet you to – enjoyed our conversation. Looking forward to seeing where all this goes.

    For you and the rest of the Alexis group, Investor Junkie sent me a message about Facebook promoting. Was checking out his fanpage – its a great layout! He uses apps included in the link below (you get 2 free).

  2. Nice seeing you in real life too my friend! We’ll def. have to chat up more next time – totally my bad I was all jacked up on weird dosages of caffeine and couldn’t get my act together ;)

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