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Best of the Rest: Guest Post Edition

This was a huge week for me because I guest posted on four blogs! It was sort of a coincidence that it was all in one week, but it was a really great experience for me, and hopefully you’ve had a chance to read the posts. Thanks to all four of the bloggers who gave me the opportunity, it was a lot of fun! Here they are:

Who cares if you saved money by spending money?!
at Budgets are Sexy – It’s not saving if you don’t put it in the bank! Check out the comments, his readers are GREAT! (also the two links in there may compete in Free Money Finance’s March Money Madness Competition. What a crazy coincidence!)

The Pinnacle of Frugality
at You Have More Than You Think – My experience buying triscuits and how rain checks can save you a ton of money.

Simple Negotiation Boosts Your Mood And Your Wallet
at PT Money- 3 ways I negotiated to save me money and get free stuff

Why I Don’t Stress About My $23,000 Pile Of Debt
at Money Relationship – Sure, I’m in debt, but here’s why I’m able to deal with it.

Here are the must reads from this week:

Financial Samurai explains Why Converting To A ROTH Is A Mistake. He makes some excellent points and you should go read it right now if you’re considering doing it. (Also, I’m ranked in the top 5 in the Samurai Fund this week! Check it out, how do you think we’ll do??)

Fiscal Geek asks: Should you Invest or Save for Retirement While in Debt? It’s an interesting question and he provides a way to earn a guaranteed 19% return on your investment.

Bucksome Boomer shows through her experiences that Smaller Isn’t Always Cheaper. This may help you rethink your next shopping trip.

Five Cent Nickel explain How We Paid Off Our Mortgage in 10 Years. WOW. Congratulations! His explanation is very cool and while difficult, apparently it can be done!

Miranda Marquit guests posts at MoneyNing and says that you should Stop Using Your Tax Refund as a Saving Account. For some people it may make sense, but if you’re responsible with your money and keep to your budget, don’t give a free loan to the government!

Finally, here are the posts I was mentioned in this week. Thanks guys!

Mighty Bargain Hunter

The Millionaire Nurse



  1. Well done being in the Top 5 performer in The Samurai Fund! We doing well, and are garnering some good interest from others in the Blogosphere and perhaps the greater media.

    Great job guest posting on 4 sites! Share with us your mind set about choosing the 4 sites. Cheers, Sam

    • Thanks, I think the Samurai fund is an amazing idea and I’m having fun watching!

      PT Money was asking for guest posts on a great site,, and Money Relationship as asking for guests posts on his site too, so I thought I’d give those a shot. I have been reading both for awhile and they seemed like no brainers.

      Budgets are Sexy wrote a post about not wasting money and my topic seemed like a natural fit, so I thought I’d ask, and You Have More Than You Think had a great post about saving 85% on contact lenses and I wanted to share a money saving story with her readers.

      They all were very different experiences after the posts went up, and I loved reading the comments, some were very insightful.

  2. I read three of those guest posts at the host sites and thought “Who is this guy?”. I found your site and like what you have to say.

    Thanks for the link!

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