Best of the Rest: Frugal or Stealing Edition

As a reminder, I’m a staff writer at the Currency site by American Express. It’s called Got a Job Offer? Don’t Make These Mistakes and details a little personal history and what I could have done better when I was offered my first job. Let me know what you think of it!

You read about me giving away a coupon to an innocent bystander, but according to Kevin at Thousandaire, in doing so I became a thief! It definitely made me think about it in a different way, but I still maintain my innocence! If you haven’t yet, check out the posts and please weigh in, we value your opinion!

Also, thanks to everyone who commented both here and on Thousandaire (in support, I hope)! You guys are truly the best and the back and forth was truly a pleasure.

While we’re on the topic of being frugal/stealing, John at Passive Family Income has a fun post about a bunch of situations and evaluates whether they are frugal, cheaper, or just plain old stealing. Check the comments for where he and I differ.

Wojo at Fiscal Fizzle got back from a little hiatus about 2 months ago, and everything he’s written has really resonated with me. His post about how savings can be the end goal was no different. We just need to keep fresh goals in our heads. So when savings becomes ‘blah’ and there’s no motivation, create a new goal and reward yourself when you reach it!

As you know, I hate wasting money. I believe you should spend money on the things you care about and cut back on the things that don’t add value. So Canadian Finance Blog teaches shares 5 non-essential expenses that are bleeding your budget.

This week, I was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance this, hosted by Simply Forties recently. I got in with my article Keep Sales Receipts to Reduce Stress.

Best of the Rest: Frugal or Stealing Edition

Sweating the Big Stuff

3 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: Frugal or Stealing Edition

  1. I liked your Got a Job Offer? post with two exceptions:

    1. You wouldn’t have been nagged if you stayed on your parents’ couch all day watching TV, and

    2. You wouldn’t have earned anything mowing the lawn and taking out the trash – that would have been just a down payment on the room and board! :)

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