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Best of the Rest: Contest Edition

It’s Sunday, which means the Your Negotiators contest is over and we’re here to announce the winners. And they are…@bucksome, @mgmommy0930, and Michael. Congratulations! They’ve been contacted and after working with Your Negotiators, hopefully we’ll get a testimonial about how the experience went.

This week’s must-reads:

Two are from Financial Samurai, who had some very interesting and thought provoking posts: The first is the Alexa Ranking Challenge, which you’ll hear more about a little later in the week here, and Tax Refunds Are Good For Most People, Because Most People Can’t Save.

MoneyNing asks: Are Your Money Matters A Bunch Of Lies? The post goes into several ways we tell ourselves lies when it comes to money.

The Frugal Lawyer details her experience Saving Money With Cox And Verizon Wireless by using SIMPLE ways to shave $240 off her cable and cell phone bills.

Fiscal Geek answers a reader question about the American Dream becoming a Nightmare.

20 Something Finance explains all about the Retirement Contribution Credit. I got so close! The very last line of his post got me! Grrr

The following carnivals included my posts this week!

Ultimate Money Blog hosted the Money Hacks Carnival – How To Use A Windfall

Million Dollar Journey hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance – Impressing Your Friends Can Cost You

Cooking Manager hosted the Festival of Frugality – Guest Post at You Have More Than You Think – The Pinnacle of Frugality

The Carnival of Debt Reduction – Guest Post at Money Relationship – Why I Don’t Stress About My $23,000 Pile Of Debt



  1. Will be a good initiative Daniel! Looking forward to seeing who’s in, and where they are currently all in one place for the Yakezie Alexa Challenge!

    We can review once a month so it doesn’t get too arduous. Up to you though!

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