Best of the Rest: Bonus Edition!

You know how some people get year end bonuses? Well my year end bonus comes in February, and the check gets handed to me today! It’s a pretty exciting time at work, and during the big announcement, we got some great, classic personal finance advice: Use the money to pay off credit card debt, and save for an emergency fund! How smart! It made me very proud, but since I’ve got no credit card debt and already have my emergency fund, I have to find another place for it. Maybe it can get me started on my Roth IRA for 2011. Or should I spend it all in one place, what do you think?

Here are the weekly links:

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Best of the Rest: Bonus Edition!

Sweating the Big Stuff

5 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: Bonus Edition!

  1. Awesome that you get a bonus, and that your employer gives out good advice to go along with it. Someone once told me to treat a windfall the same way I would a regular paycheck, so that’s probably what I’d do: divvy it up to meet my goals.

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