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Best of the Rest: Baseball Season Edition

Ah, Spring is in the air. The days are longer, I’ve joined a company softball team, and best of all, baseball season has started. I gotta love my Yankees, but hopefully I’ll be able to still spend some time blogging! Just kidding, I should have plenty time for both (I waste more than enough time during the day).

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year (besides October, of course), so in turn, here are some of my favorite posts from this past week.

How to Become a Financial Planner – Neal explains what it takes to become a financial planner. It sounds like a great profession that I’d love to be in, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for all that selling! It’s a good thing I’d have to work in finance for 3 years before I’d be able to take the Certified Financial Planner test.(@ Wealth Pilgrim)

Financial Budgeting: How to Stay on Track – Most people hate budgeting, but I am a huge fan. It’s fun because I see how much I’ve spent in my categories and where I should cut back. If I’m over in my shopping budget, I know that I’ve survived for many months with whatever article of clothing I want that month, and in the name of budgeting, I should at the very least put the purchase off until the following month.(@ Redeeming Riches)

Financial Literacy Month: 5 Steps to Setting Financial Goals – The most important lesson here is the first one. The more specific goals are, the easier they are to reach. When you can see how your situation evolves over time and whether your on pace or not, it is much easier to stay motivated and give that extra little push you need. (@ Financial Highway)

Parents Should Teach Kids Finances, Not Just Schools – Awhile ago, I advocated adding a personal finance class to students and suggesting things I would teach high school and college students. Here, Frugal Dad suggests five ways parents can teach their kids about money. Like me, he is interested in raising the national personal finance IQ! (@Frugal Dad)



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