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Please check out my post at Currency, After College, Keep Living Like a College Kid. I advociate keeping the ame lifestyle you’re used to for an extra year or two before upgrading everything.

Here were my favorite posts for the past week. If you like personal finance, you’ve got to read these:

Neal at Wealth Pilgrim presents 3 weekend jobs that pay $50 an hour. This isn’t just a list of things that require a ton of work and are unrealistic. There are things you can actually go out and do. Once you’re trained, they sound like easy work that can help boost income a significant amount.

Jim at Bargaineering had some GREAT articles this week, including Buffett’s million dollar bet, which details how Warren Buffett pays taxes at a lower rate than his receptionist. It sounds funny, but the tax rates are set in such a way that those with the most money pay taxes at the lowest rate. It’s a good thing he’s pledged almost all of his money to charity!

I read PT Money‘s article this week on how he sends paper checks with ING Direct. I use ING as my primary bank, but I do still have a Bank of America account, even though I hate them, because it’s just too damn convenient. But I gotta give mad propts to PT for as he says being “crazy enough to roll with just an online checking account.” Quite impressive.

Redeeming Riches shows us how to use social media to save money. There are a few examples, but the first thing you should do when you need something is reach out to the people you know! They are the people most willing to help you and if you saw someone who needed help that you could easily provide, wouldn’t you be happy to do so? Don’t be afraid to ask!

Also this week, I was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Mighty Bargain Hunter with most post Why You Should Donate More Money to Charity.



  1. Daniel, I quit on BofA ten years back and moved to a CU that was out of state! Been with them ever since! I’ve not even been to this CU! Able to do everything online!

    You should consider a CU or a community bank. :)

    • @Moneycone, The convenience of big banks is so nice, they have ATMs everywhere. Maybe when I settle down a little I’ll go that route, but just being able to transfer money to friends with BOA in a matter of seconds is so great.

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