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Best of the Rest: Valentine’s Day Edition

I hope everyone is doing something special for Valentine’s Day. I’ll be making homemade pizza with Lauren, and this time I’ll be helpful (we tried this once before but it turned out to be her cooking while I watched baseball). I hope everyone has a special day. Let me know if you did anything fun!

Two articles that I enjoyed this week focused on whether you should use savings to pay off debt.

The first was on Personal Finance Journey, where Lakita argued to pay it off and several readers in the comments said that paying off the debt was very liberating and should be done with no question.

My Dollar Plan had a similar article but argued that the liquidity of money should be factored into the equation. I happen to agree and have my money in a savings account rather than making extra payments on my student loans.

And the other favorite articles:

MoneyNing explores your cell phone bills and shows ways to cut costs with cell phone contracts.

Five Cent Nickel looks at interest free financing and cash discounts.

And of course, for Valentine’s day: Budgets Are Sexy gives us The Top 10 Ways to Woo on Budget (or perhaps ever?)

This week, my True Cost of Coffee post was chosen as a favorite in the Money Hackers Carnival hosted by Need Money Tips. Thanks!

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