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Best of the Rest: Vacation Edition

As I told you on Thursday, I’ll be going on vacation to sunny California this week! It will be nice to have a week off work for the first time since since I started the job 10 months ago.

I know, you’re sad, but I actually have some awesome news for you. You’re going to get some amazing guest posts this week. They’re all ready to go and you’re going to be reading some quality content. One of my favorite things about guest posting is that to entice you, proposed posts are of the highest quality. They win, I win, and you win.

I already have a few awesome posts scheduled for the week I come back and I think you’re going to love those too

This week was an awesome week. I won a PUR water filtration system from Cool To Be Frugal, I was part of the Carnival of Personal Finance at My Dollar Plan, plus I’ve got the giveaways ready to go, so keep your eyes peeled! I promised you a great May, and I won’t let you down!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week: enjoy!

Neal from Wealth Pilgrim gives us real world adive from a successful CFP. It’s a great guide to getting into the financial planner business. If you want to help people make smart decisions about their finances – as I do – this is a must read.

Jason at Bible Money Matters wrote about extended warranties and how his coffee spilled breaking his. Although it would have been nice to have this covered, I feel that in most cases, it’s not worth it. Especially with cell phones.

Financial Samurai details the list of jobs he’d do for free. What an awesome list. I haven’t made a list like this before, but my list would include financial planner. If money was no issue, I’d love to help people get their finances lined up and help them prepare for retirement. Makes sense I guess.

Kyle at Suburban Dollar questions whether he’s a horrible blogger for talking the talk but buying a luxury car for his wife and taking a loan out for it too. His last paragraph sums it up pretty well: if you’re responsible, you’re allowed to do whatever you want.

Enjoy the guest posts!



  1. Have a great adventure Daniel-san! Where in California are you going? I may have some suggestions for you!

    Maybe we should study for the CFP together and motivate each other?!


    • I’ll be in Palm Springs for the most part, right by LA. I may be behind you for the CFP, first I need my 3 years experience. Like I said, more of a log term goal!

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