Best of the Rest: Try Try Again Edition

I’m going to try golfing again today, and hopefully the results will be better. This course is made up of mostly par 3s, so I’m going to shoot for a 5 on each hole as Financial Samurai suggested. At the very least, I should be able to smoke my competition.

Here are some awesome posts I ran across this week:

J Money posted an “I Pay My Taxes” rap video. Definitely nice to get a good laugh at out of something taxes related. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed. (via Budgets Are Sexy)

Jacob at Early Retirement Extreme presented the second part of his early retirement series at Monevator with Living frugally for early retirement. There are 4 ways that he was able to cut expenses that enabled him to save a bunch of money. (via Monevator)

Neal of Wealth Pilgrim posted a nice article about how Your Coupons Are Making You Poor. My stance is that you should only look for coupons AFTER you’ve decided to buy. When I look for great deals, I sometimes care more about the price than thr product (via Frugal Dad)

Finally, Financial Engineer explained what asset aggregation is and the advantages of putting all your money with one broker. Vustomer service is huge for me and if a company treats me right, I’m far more likely to stick with them (via My Journey to Millions)

Other Links

I participated in two carnivals this week:

The Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by The Wisdom Journal with my post The Correlation Between Debt and Credit.

The Yakezie Carnival hosted by Money Reasons with my post When You SHOULDN’T Worry About Money.

Best of the Rest: Try Try Again Edition

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