Best of The Rest: Site Problems Edition

You may have noticed that I’ve been MIA recently. Well, maybe you didn’t notice. But either way, I’ve been here, typing out articles even if you guys haven’t been paying attention. But maybe you haven’t seen me in your feed or in your inbox as usual. That’s because there was an error with my feed and it wouldn’t update. So maybe you got a barrage yesterday.

Either way, it looks like everything is fixed and should up as normal. I’ve been saving a few posts until it got fixed, so you should see some fun content coming up.

I paid someone $10 to fix the problem, which was fine because I didn’t know how to and my basic Google searches didn’t bring me any new information.

Then, it broke again. And my guy didn’t email me back for a few days. So I had to investigate myself. It turns out there was a simply fix that I could do all by myself. So $10 wasted, but now I have the knowledge not to waste the money in the future.

While I’ve been in my cave writing, I had time to check out these articles:

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I was also included in the following carnivals:

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Best of The Rest: Site Problems Edition

Sweating the Big Stuff

7 thoughts on “Best of The Rest: Site Problems Edition

  1. What’s worse is when you are not aware something’s broken!

    Glad to hear all site issues have been resolved!

    Thanks much for the mention Daniel!

  2. Thanks a bunch for the inclusion. Glad you got your feed issues fixed.

  3. That’s too bad about your tech support guy not being very good. I’ve been wanting to hire someone to do back-end support for me but I’m hesitant, for exactly that reason.

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