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Best of the Rest: The Power of One

You think one person can’t make a difference? On Thursday night at the University of Maryland homecoming, I sat in a crowd waiting for Demitri Martin and Mike Birbiglia to do their stand up routines. We waited about an hour from the time we entered the building until they came up, and at about 45 minutes in, the lovely girl sitting next to me got antsy and tried to see if she could liven up the crowd.

So she started the wave in our row. Only 4 people stood up. Again. 6 people. Again. 10 people. Again and again and again until a few peopl in the section next to us continued it until it fizzled again. Again. Again. Again. Finally it caught on. My favorite part is the first time it got all the way around. Lauren was so excited and wanted to do it again, but being somewhat experienced in wave traditions, I stopped her and told her to wait for it…wait for it…and sure enough, it started again all on it’s own. The girl laughing hysterically is her.



  1. Thanks for the shout out! I have never started a wave but I am started some riots wearing a Falcons Jersey to Jet/Giant and Eagle games LOL

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