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Best of the Rest: Occupy Suze Orman Edition

This week, Suze Orman launched her Approved Card, which is touted as a pre-paid debit card that will help build credit. It comes with lots of fees and won’t actually help build credit.

As a result, there has been a lot of backlash online, and Suze responded by calling a few on my personal finance blogger friends idiots. She since issued an apology, but it’s clear that she is preying on the poor and taking advantage of who she is to make money while not doing what is in the best interest of her readers and followers.

There is even an Occupy Suze twitter account, for those who are interested in following along.

I have been a fan of Suze’s with a few exceptions, so this week I present the blog posts about Suze’s Approved Card, please read them, they are quite juicy and show the fight that happened on Twitter!

What We Need from Suze Orman Instead of Another Celebrity-Endorsed Useless Prepaid Debit Card via PT Money

Young, Gullible, and Broke: Suze Orman’s Debit Card FAIL via So Over Debt

Suze Orman Releases Prepaid Card. Wait, What? via Beating Broke

Suze Orman’s Approved PrePaid Debit Card: Bad for Consumers! via The Debt Princess

Suze Orman Shows True Colors With Her Approved Prepaid Debit Card via Gen X Finance

Suze Orman Pre-Paid Debit Card: Can We Afford It? #DenySuzeCard via Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

How to Make Your Own Pre-Paid Debit Card – And Suze Orman’s Approved Card via Free From Broke

Suze Orman’s Pre-Paid Debit Card Scam via Lazy Man and Money

Suze Orman’s Card is Not Approved by Me via Thousandaire

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  1. Usually bloggers are out promoting new financial products; very little comes from insulting one – except legitimacy. Nice work to all involved in highlighting a shitty deal and an even shittier reply from a “famous personality”.

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