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Best of the Rest: NBA Championship Edition

Growing up in Boston and being a New York fan was great for most of my life. Then something happened the last 6 or 7 years that flipped everything around. So you know I was a huge Lakers fan this week (and over the past month I have also been a huge Miami fan, a huge Orlando fan, and a huge Cavs fan, too.)

So it was very pleasing to see the Celtics lose on a night when the Lakers were at their worst. Kobe couldn’t shoot for most of the game, and the Celtics still found a way to blow it. Makes me proud.

My links have nothing to do with the NBA, but I wanted to rant about the Celtics lack of skill one last time before the off-season.

This week’s links are pretty amazing, I’m excited to share them with you.

Jim from Bargaineering shares seven money lies from monopoly. It’s a fun read about something I never put even an ounce of thought into, but Jim did a great job coming up with everything. And if you look carefully at the comments, you’ll see where I came up with Thursday’s post.

Remember when employers started making crazy assumptions? G.E. Miller of 20 Something Finance has an article about how some employers won’t even give you a look if you are currently unemployed. Talk about unfair!

Len Penzo shares a funny store (with a great title) about the dangers of being too picky on Priceline. I understand why they do this: otherwise people would start really low and inch their way up until they finally got accepted. So if you’re looking to use Priceline, be careful an go low, but not too low!
*unless you have several weeks to wait before making a decision.

Finally, one sports related article: Frugal Zeitgeist writes about ways to stay frugal during the World Cup. Instead, I say go all out! You only get to do it once a year, so grab all the snacks you can get, buy drinks for everyone when we score, and go USA!



  1. I was rooting for the Celtics… :(

    I am with ya on the World Cup. Although I am always looking for excuses to bring out some snacks and have some people over to enjoy them with! Unfortunately I will be driving this Wednesday at 10:00 am!!

  2. Ha ha, thanks for the link…. Actually the World Cup is every 4 years…. so maybe you are right but only if you have the cash and NEVER use debt to enjoy such an event, the spirit can be enjoyed on a budget!

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