Best of the Rest: Learn P2P From The Best Edition

When I dispense my p2p knowledge about how to get superior returns with Lending Club, I doing it as a beginner. I have about $5,500 in my account right now that I have put it since August, so I don’t have years of experience with this stuff.

Peter Renton, who runs, is the expert. He has about $100,000 (!) investing with Lending Club, and he’s also active on Prosper as well. Well, now he’s releasing all the lessons he’s learned will the public.

He came up with the P2P Lending Wealth System, which consists of over 3 hours of video and 8 modules for users, teaching everything from the basics of P2P lending to maximizing your ROI.

I got a sneak peek into his system, you really wont find this stuff anywhere else, and he’s offering it only for the next few days. Go check it out, Peter believes that anyone can increase their returns by 3-5% using his methods, which for me would come out to around $200 in the first year alone! Pretty great if you ask me.

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Best of the Rest: Learn P2P From The Best Edition

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  1. Sounds like a good overview of P2P lending, thanks for pointing it out. Also, thanks for mentioning my post on getting a head start on 2012!

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