Best of the Rest: Job Hunt Edition

I’m now in full force job hunting mode. I spend a good chunk of time each day searching for quality opportunities in search engine optimization (so if any of you SoCal people here of anything good, let me know ;) ).

I finally got my first interview this coming week, so I’m excited that my efforts aren’t fruitless, and while it was definitely discouraging for awhile, I’m more motivated than ever!

Still, there’s plenty of down time, which is when I read these articles:

Business School Lesson #4: No one told me to hire a housekeeper! (via Super Frugalette)

Which Platform Should You Choose for Online Stock Trading? (via My Personal Finance Journey)

Looking for IVA Advice? Take an IVA Test (via Prairie Eco Thrifter)

Is Gold A Good Investment (via Faith and Finance)

A Programmable Thermostat Is a Must (via Free Money Wisdom)

Are You Clueless About Mortgages? Start Here! (via My Personal Finance Journey)

Why you shouldn’t cosign anything for a friend or relative (via Nickel By Nickel)

5 Benefits of Organic Agriculture (via Prairie Eco-Thrifter)

Odd Jobs for Quick Cash (via Free Money Wisdom)

The Inexpensive $70 Lightbulb (via Our Journey To Zero)

Renters are Deluding Themselves (via Darwin’s Money)

Best of the Rest: Job Hunt Edition

Sweating the Big Stuff

6 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: Job Hunt Edition

  1. Thanks for the inclusion Daniel. Hope you have a great weekend. We are headed camping. What are you up to?

  2. PS: Best of luck with the job hunt. Have you tried Linked In? There are always a ton of jobs posted on there.

  3. I’m sure you’ll be successful in your job hunt! And thanks for including my post!

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