Best of the Rest: It’s My Blog-Birthday-Versary Edition!

I had a different theme schedule for this week’s roundup, but late on Thursday I remembered that today was my big day, and since it comes only once a year, I made a quick change. Also, Monday was the 2 year anniversary of this blog. It’s been amazing ride, so thank you all for making me want to keep writing. In honor of the occasions, for those interested, please send all presents to:

Just kidding, the best birthday present would be to subscribe via email or rss or to click that little +1 button in the menu bar above.

Between wrapping my own presents, I had time to read these articles:

Psychological Tricks Retailers Use to Make You to Spend More – The Importance of Smart Shopping in Today’s Society (via My Personal Finance Journey)

Should You Ever Go Past Your Debt Limit? (via My Journey to Millions)

Decisions to Consider Before Hiring a Staff Writer (via Don’t Do It Yourself)

7 Reasons Why Being a Financial Blogger Could Be Better Than Being A Financial Professional (via My Personal Finance Journey)

Building Passive Income with Dividend Growth Stocks (via Compounding Returns)

How Bankruptcy Works (via So Over Debt)

Things You Can Do to NOT Make Money (via Prairie Eco Thrifter)

For Your Everyday Household And Personal Care Spending Check Out This Place (via DollarVersity)

The Best Credit Cards for College Students (via Free From Broke)

I was also featured in the following carnivals:

Festival of Frugality hosted by My Journey To Millions

Carnival of Wealth hosted by Personal Dividends

Totally Money Blog Carnival hosted by Family Money Values

Festival of Frugality hosted by Parenting Family Money

Totally Money Blog Carnival hosted by Compounding Returns

Best of the Rest: It’s My Blog-Birthday-Versary Edition!

Sweating the Big Stuff

9 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: It’s My Blog-Birthday-Versary Edition!

  1. Good roundup. I look forward to checking some of those out. And Happy Birthday to your blog! Have a good one.

  2. Hit you up on twitter this morning, but I can say it again. Happy birthday & thanks!

  3. Happy blog-birthday-versary. Sticking it out as long as two years is awesome. I am sure you are proud of your success so far. Thanks for the inclusion and I hope you have a great weekend.

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