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Best of the Rest: ING Direct Black Friday Sale Edition

Hopefully most of you did not go out this morning, I think that would have been a big mistake. I have friends who go out early and buy 10 DVDs for “only” $7 each. But in the end, they spend $70 on something they don’t really need. My suggestion is to stay in and only buy things if you know what you want AND find a good deal in advance.

I’ve been waiting all week for this, and ING has finally released it’s Black Friday Sale. Definitely not a disappointment Earlier in the week, it was announced that ING Direct would offer $683 off Mortgages ($683 is the average amount Americans will spend on gifts this holiday season).

The unannounced specials were released early this morning and here they are:

  • 2% APY for a 12-month Orange CD.
  • $121 Account Opening Bonus when you open an Electric Orange Account! ($121 is the average amount consumers pay in overdraft fees annually.) If you’re considering it, don’t wait another day. It’s only good until 11:59pm! There are a few restrictions, but that’s a substantial account opening bonus.

Here are my favorite articles from this week:

Twenty Something Finance presents The 5 Worst Twenty Something Personal Finance Blunders. How many of these have you made? So far, I’ve been able to stay away from these mistakes, and I’m hoping I can continue to do so.

20s Money is Pursuing Complete Independence and explains what he needs to do to achieve his goals. Then he begins Taking A Hard Look At Expenses In Order To Boost Savings.

I really enjoyed Financial Samurai’s post about Being Happy With What You Have. Everything is relative, and this is an appropriate time to put things in perspective.

Josh posts on Personal Finance Playbook about why healthcare makes him groan. It’s an extremely interesting story and it really bothers me that systems are set up to work like this.

Finally, Five Cent Nickel answers a question about Making Mortgage Prepayments. I had a similar situation recently when I tried to pay off one of my student loans. Instead of applying the entire payment to the loan with the highest interest, they split it up proportionally based on the balance of the loans. I had to call up and wait a week to get this switched.



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