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Best of the Rest: Independence Day Edition

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope nobody is reading this and that you’re BBQ-ing and watching some fireworks. And since everyone has tomorrow off, I’m gonna come back Monday with some fresh content that I think you guys will really enjoy. I’ve been working on some stuff (some of these articles take a lot of research!) and I’m getting close to being able to unveil them.

Also, congratulations to Budgeting the Fun Stuff on winning the $50 giveaway! With all your motivation, I’ve decided to make a nice fat payment toward my student loan. Thanks guys!

Until then, take a look at some of these awesome articles I read this week and if you want even more great reading, head over to the carnival I participated in and you’ll find the editor’s faves, too!

Darwin’s Money writes about government austerity and lays out what he thinks should happen as well as what he thinks will happen. While we tend to focus on personal finance issues, we should all be aware of what’s going on financially in our country and how it will affect us.

Financially Poor talks about bankruptcy and the stigma associated with it, as well as why the naysayers are wrong. I think that if it’s the right thing to do in your situation AND you are on track to not make the same mistakes again, then go for it! But if you’re going to continue your ways, man up and pay your debts!

Bargaineering gives us some interesting news about Oregon, which recently passed House Bill 1045, which prohibits the use of credit history for use in employment purposes. I’m a huge proponent of the bill, and I’m glad to see that some action has been taken!

Free From Broke asks whether we should automate or unautomate our finances. He reaks down the arguments and ultimately decides that personal finance is personal and what is right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another person. I couldn’t agree more!

I participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by The Suburban dollar with my post I Went To Bank Heaven Today.



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