Best of the Rest: How it Feels to Lose Edition

I’m very competitive, and simply put, I hate losing. Probably more than I love winning. So it’s not easy knowing that I’ve gotten crushed by Kevin in our debate. He said being nice saves you money when I said that being hostile is the way to go.

Well, apparently my body did not react well to losing and I got a fever on Wednesday that peaked at 101.4 degrees. My first day of true self-employment didn’t go exactly as planned, but I’m not giving up yet. After going to sleep at 8pm and waking up at 6am, I was able to flush the bad germs out of my system and I’m back to feeling on top of the world.

While I was bed-ridden, I did find some great articles to read:

We Don’t Have a Revenue Problem, We Have a Spending Problem (via Investor Junkie)

Why Experimental Learning is Better than Book Learning (via Money Reasons)

Congressional Insiser Trading is Not Illegal…YET (via My Journey To Millions)

What Is Your Financial Plan B? (via Canajun Finances)

Why Earning More Money Trumps Frugality (via The Financial Blogger)

Are You Better Off Than Your Parents? (via Darwin’s Money)

Enjoy Your Money (Via Money Talks Coaching)

I Can Cook that! – Smoked BBQ Chicken Sandwich (via Our Journey To Zero)

Best of the Rest: How it Feels to Lose Edition

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