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Best of the Rest: Happy Birthday To Me Edition

I’ve been waiting almost a year for this, but it looks like I made it to my birthday weekend again (actual birthday is on Sunday)! I’m headed to Vegas with the wife for the first time, it should be a lot of fun.

I’m off to be a responsible personal finance blogger and gamble. Gambling is a smart money move, right?

I love gambling (though I don’t enjoy losing). What’s your game? Any tips for me?

Enjoy these articles while I’m gone.

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  1. As you are well aware I love gambling! Depending how into the wife gets, I would check out downtown vegas. It is a shady bus trip down but everything there is like dirt cheap. You can even find $3 tables!

    Happy birthday buddy!

  2. I wrote up quite a few vegas tips at

    I used to be a semi-pro poker player, and still moonlight as once in a full moon. My advice would be to avoid pokers (it provides the worst odds in the casino for novices, even worse than keno) and stick to playing “pass” at craps. Craps is one of the few games where people actually have fun.

    Oh, see my comment on the linked post with a litmus test as to whether downtown is for you.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great time! When we go to Vegas, we stick mainly to Pai Gow, video poker, and the fun shows. Enjoy your vacation!

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