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Best of the Rest: Estimated Taxes Edition

I just send in my estimated quarterly taxes and boy is cutting a big check hard to swallow. It’s not easy to fill out estimated quarterly taxes because there’s so much, guess what, estimation!

It’s not simply about adding up how much I made in the first quarter and paying a 25% tax on that. Like most tax forms, it’s just more complicated. I just had to estimate how much money I am going to make in 2011! Sure, I can use the first 3 months as a base, but there’s SO much that’s unknown for me, so I guessed high, and if I’m wrong, I’ll just get some extra back come next March or April.

To top it off, I have to pay some self-employment tax, so it comes out to about 40% of my side business income. That sucks, I want my money back!

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  1. Luckily there is the safe-harbor rule to fall back on. Just pay 110% of what you made last year and you should be straight to the gate. Isn’t that right? This is my first year paying them and that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll hopefully fall short come tax time next year, but I shouldn’t face a penalty.

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