Best of the Rest: Birthday Edition

Thursday was my birthday, and it was fantastic. My paycheck reflected my raise for the first time, everyone was nice to me, and my iPhone 4 came (on Friday, but I was excited about it all Thursday so it still counts).

I’m super excited for all the new iPhone features (front facing camera, the 5 megapixel camera, the amazing screen quality, etc.) and I’ll most certainly be jailbreaking it! Why don’t I feel bad about getting a $200 present? Because I’ll be able to sell my current iPhone 3GS for AT LEAST that much!

I’ll definitely have a post about that selling experience, but for now enjoy these links from the past week:

Ramit Sethi guest posted at Budgets are Sexy about ignoring people who give you useless advice. Ramit is basically the personal finance godfather and if you don’t know him, check out his site, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and get his book, which is what originally got me into personal finance.

Frugal Dad wrote about what retirement will look like for younger generations. My stance is that if we save early and often, social security won’t matter (although I do think it will still be around in some form) because we’ll have saved up enough. Remember, saving now is better than saving later!

Financial Samurai wanted to know whether it is better to rent to males or to females. My apartment this past year was very messy. 4 guys using a ton of dishes, leaving mail and cereal and being generally messy did not bode well. I’ve never seen a truly messy female place. What do you think?

I like Jim from Bargaineering’s idea of thinking about purchases in terms of time. It helps prioritize and makes you think about whether a purchase is actually important to you or something that you’d just rather have.

This week I was featured in two awesome carnivals. The first is the Best of Money Carnival, which was hosted at Budgets are Sexy. J. Money chose Sally’s guest post Motivational Story: From Dog Walking to Ivy League as #3 in his top ten list. That’s awesome!

The other carnival was the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted at Ultimate Money Blog, with Crystal’s post Ten Money Saving Home Repairs.

Best of the Rest: Birthday Edition

Sweating the Big Stuff

3 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: Birthday Edition

  1. Happy birthday Daniel-san! Why do you think people will spend as much on a 3GS as a iPhone 4? Seems completely irrational to me! I’d buy the iPhone 4 over the 3GS all day!

    I’ve never seen a pigsty woman’s place either. Thanks for the thought!

    1. @Financial Samurai, I think that an iPhone 4 is significantly more expensive. The difference in this case is the upgrade price I’m getting vs. no-commitment price they’ll be getting.

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