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Best of the Rest: Baseball Season is Here!

After a long, cold winter (not really, LA is beautiful year round), I finally get to welcome back my first true love, baseball. I just can’t get enough, so I’ll be spending the next hopefully 7 months watching 120+ Yankee games, which sounds like a wonderful use for 420ish hours of my time.

This year will be a little different as I’ll be on the west coast for my first full season, where games starting at 4pm PST interferes with my work schedule. My plan is to sign off of social media between 4pm and 10pm each day so that I can go home and watch the games on my Roku as if they were live. No spoilers please!

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  1. Are you originally from NY?.. It might be tough to follow the Yankees as close from across the country, but using Roku sounds like a nice plan..

    I always wonder about baseball fan-dom when it comes to moving across the country. As a kid, I lived in Atlanta and was a big Braves fan. The family moved to St. Louis when I was eleven, and it didn’t take long for me to shift my allegiance to the Cards.

    These days, Cardinals baseball is ingrained in me. I am pretty sure that no matter where I moved, and no matter how long I was there– the Cards will always be my team.

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